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We just want to get to know you, that’s all. Please take time to thoughtfully answer the following questions.

Remember: Good things, when short, are twice as good.

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Why do you want to be in advertising?
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Why do you want to intern at Cactus?
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What experience do you have in the following areas that make you the ideal Cactus intern candidate: 1. Computer competency, 2. School courses, 3. Multi-tasking, 4. Deadline/Project Management & 5. Communication Skills
four /
Give an example of an ad campaign that you feel successfully delivered the message and reached the intended target?
five /
What are your professional goals for the next five years?
six /
If your friends could only describe you in three words, what would they be?
seven /
What days/times during the week are you available to intern at Cactus?

eight /
Are you interning for school credit and if so, what are the requirements?
nine /
Do you have experience coding (HTML, CSS & JS preferred) or using Flash to animate? If so, please provide details here.
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